Passed away on 26.04.2021

Mr.Ramu was a film producer and distributor known for his work in the Kannada cinema. He has produced more than 30 films from his production and distribution company .

Mr.Ramu’s rise in the film industry is a rags to riches story , he started out as an office boy at a film production firm. In 1993 ,he produced an action thriller ‘Golibar’ , which was a super hit. His second film ‘Lockup Death’ , earned him the epithet ‘ Koti’ Ramu, as it was one of the first Kannada films produced on a budget of over Rs. 1 crore, which also went on to be a block buster. He had been active in the film industry for nearly three decades during which he had made over 30 films. His filmography includes some of the biggest cult hits of many actors which includes ‘A K 47’, ‘Chamundi’, ‘Kalasipalya’, and ‘Gulama’.

Mr. Ramu was diagnosed with Covid 19 and was in home isolation. He was rushed to hospital when his health started deteriorating. He breathed his last on April 26 , 2021.

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