Passed away on 20.04.2021

Sumalya Prasun Pramanik, my man, my love, my life. He came to my life some 40 years ago like fresh breath of air, enlivened my life with his exuberance and will continue to enrich me with his effervescence, love, care and indulgence. 
He travelled to another world on 20th April, 2021, giving covid a tough fight till his last breath. He may dwell in another world but his presence is felt every moment. A man of few words, he has taught me many lessons of life and still teaching me how to move ahead keeping him in my mind and heart. I have never seen a more sprightly person than him who has shown everyone known to him, how to enjoy life despite several constraints. 
An architect by profession, he is a multifaceted man. A player, singer, artist, all encompassing. His passion for long distance driving took us to several far flung regions in India and abroad. He has lived several lifetimes in his short span of 59 years. 
Death cannot snatch such a man full of life. Only his mortality could be snatched. He lives here and there with same vigour and zeal. I know a day will come, when we shall unite again and with every passing day, I await that reunion, though I firmly believe we are always one.

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