Passed away on 21-05-2021

Could there be something more cruel and crude for the nature to have done this ?? My dada , not mine alone , for all our five brothers living in an airtight bond since we saw light one by one after him - being snatched away in a whisker to a world where we cannot reach out to   him at our wishes . From where he cannot keep on telling me and all of us  - stay safe - even when he was most unsafe , dressed up with an oxygen pipe . Nineteen days of battle , hope and despair - all over . The earthly bond seems so brittle - he being tied in a  heavenly knot and bidding us goodbye . He did not like this and must have looked around , tried to trace all of us staring helplessly . His most dear Sonuma , his dearest Souvik - all so vacant and clueless . The ever vibrant and full to the brim family having been stripped of its crown !! 

Ma keeps on screaming day and night , looking for his babu all around . She did not deserve this.  Boudi was  inseparable from him - we thought . That too happened . He was so well physically and had no comorbidity . Still the virus could bite him up bitterly !! We cannot see him but keep on thriving on the strength of his eternal blessings, fragrance of his innocent concerns for all around except himself, divine smile and a houseful of void! 

Dada - keep your eyes on us, just like the other day and ever before.  

Anup Chatterjee and the big family that he has

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