Passed away on 14-05-2021

Late Dr. Sandipan Mondal was working in the SNCU (Sick New Born Care Unit) of Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital.  He was diagnosed to be Covid positive and was in home isolation. His ancestral residence is in Habra District, but he used to stay in Murshidabad. At home he has his mother. His father had expired.
Post- Covid , he returned back to Murshidabad and resumed his work , but again fell sick. He was admitted in the CCU of Covid Hospital where, after 15 days of intense struggle, he lost the battle with Covid and left us for heavenly abode on 14.5.2021. While recalling his memories, there are certain things that agonize us. He got married a year back and his wife was pregnant. On the morning of the day he expired, he asked the Head of the Department of Pediatrics, “ Will I not be able to see my baby’s face ever ? As fate would have it, he died and after seventeen days, his daughter was born. His daughter will gradually grow up and come to know that her father, who used to deliver newborns and showed them the light of the world, himself became a martyr in the war against Corona. Did mother nature keep Sandipan alive in his newborn angel? I pray to God that he provides strength to his mother, daughter and wife to overcome this adversity and move on with life.
Doctor Sandipan was very dedicated to his work and never shrugged any responsibility. He would spend sleepless nights struggling to save the sick newborns from the clutches of death. He would never give up. He was considered the most dedicated doctor in SNCU. He risked his life to save Covid newborns without caring for his life and family. He was the lifeline of the dying newborns. He saved the children of a lesser God.  In fact, at times he would gladly help out his colleagues also. He was a calm and soft-spoken person. If somebody showed anger, he would reply with a smile. He is irreplaceable in his department, no matter whoever comes in his place. 
I pray that wherever he is, may he be in everlasting peace and bless us so that we can tread the path shown by him!

Dr Bholanath Aich, Krishna Mondal,  Sebanti Mukherjee, Sudip Kumar Samanta  and Team

SNCU, Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital

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Posted by Sumit Das

on 10-06-2021 10-46-14am
Lsalute great devotion.