Passed away on 24-04-2021

Mrs Malati Datta, a woman, who played so many roles but above all of them she was my mother. A mother’s tasks are never done and, Heaven must have needed one. For angels came and took her hand and led her to God’s promised land. You gave us love, watched us grow, taught us so many things, comforted us, dried our tears, but today when I lie in bed with tears running down my face, I won't lie, I miss you each day of my life “Maa”. Funny, how you always spoke of death and that you were preparing me for that day you would leave and never return.

Thank you, Maa, for your wisdom, strength that guided me throughout. Your constant faith you had in me has made me what I am today. You have left us beautiful memories, although we cannot see you, I know you are always at our side, and will always be in my heart.

Romit Datta (son)

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Posted by Suvashri Maitra

on 01-06-2021 04-32-04pm
Life doesn't always play a fair game.Time will ease your pain.However life must go on.know that you are surrounded with loved ones.Time will ease your pain.Your memories with her will always be the happy space where you can draw your strength from.

Posted by Kakoli Law

on 01-06-2021 11-59-06am
U will always be there with us Mashi... Rest in peace....

Posted by Oishi Roy

on 01-06-2021 11-46-15am
May her soul rest in peace..

Posted by Nidhi Shourie

on 01-06-2021 09-58-35am
Dear Aunty, I will never forget your cheerful voice and bubbly face. May you rest in peace and we shall meet across the rainbow one day.