Passed away on 04-05-2021

Mr. Nitesh Chandra Gupta (22.2.1971 - 04.05.2021), a humble resident of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh was a pharmacist by profession, however, his profession hardly scrapes the surface of his multi faceted personality that is, even posthumously, warmly reminisced, missed and cherished among his humble family members and fellow business owners at Sadar Bazar, Jhansi. Nitesh, fondly referred to as Neetu by his loved ones, was not only a pillar of love, care, piousness and humility in society but also a very well respected individual, brimming with energy, love and compassion that he not only imbibed personally but also effortlessly radiated onto everyone around him. During his short tenure as a medicine shop owner on the corner of Sadar Bazar, he selflessly persevered to make himself available - intellectually, emotionally as well as financially, for all the residents around the area. During his last rites, despite the scare of Covid, several members of community turned up to recount stories of Neetu bhaiya's generous nature, his dedication to a life of service, his attention to detail and his helpful attitude to all those going through tough times in their own personal lives. The legacy left behind by Neetu bhaiya is one of excellence, not just in the pioneering field of medicine but also in what it means to be a patriotic citizen, a contributing member of society but above all, a human. An only son to Dr. R.C Gupta and Late Smt. Pratibha Gupta, Neetu bhaiya quickly found his niche in the field of pharmacy and hustled to establish "Gupta Medical Store '', honoring his father's celebrated legacy at the early age of 30. Through the next 20 years, Neetu Bhaiya leveraged his position as a business owner in Sadar Bazar to bring about several essential reforms in the neighborhood around him - that to this day, are a testament to the spirit of belonging and familiality that he held dearest to his heart. During his time, Neetu Bhaiya offered to sponsor and administer a free of cost, hearse car for all members of Sadar bazar in Jhansi. His family members often complained about his phone ringing at odd hours of the night on multiple days on end, however, he, never once, turned down a voice that needed to be heard and a grieving family that needed a supporting pillar during their hard times. During the uncertain times of Covid last year, Neetu Bhaiya was one of the few members of the community who opted to keep the shutters of his shop open during the entire period, often refusing to ask for money for essential Covid medicines, even when offered. During his last rites, several members of the community reached out to his direct family expressing their deepest regrets and recounting never ending tales of charity that Neetu bhaiya had selflessly committed himself to, on various occasions. Despite the fear of Covid, when necessary, Neetu Bhaiya continued to supply medicines from the comfort of his home to whoever was affected, without ever batting an eye or worrying about his own safety as he personally delivered the medical supplies. In 2021, unfortunately, Covid won and our beloved Neetu bhaiya succumbed to distressed lungs caused by an acute shortage of oxygen in his blood. His greiving family, both immediate as well as the community which he had so readily accepted as his own, continue to constantly oscillate between regretting the loss of this beautiful soul and celebrating the remarkably stellar legacy that he has undoubtedly left behind. He is very ardently,currently, as well as, will continue to be missed in the years to come, when the true burden of his loss begins to settle in slowly. However, Neetu bhaiya's grandest personal acheivement was one that is hardly recognized for, Neetu Bhaiya was an exceptional parent to two young children - Prakhar (22) and Prerna Gupta(19). Since their birth, he led the path of their development through example, raising them to be independent, educated, strong minded individuals with a very strong moral compass, that will constantly guide them as they navigate the world around them. In addition to fulfilling his duties as a responsible father, Neetu bhaiya continued to strive to do justice to his duties towards his parents as well. Neetu Bhaiya, without exception, was always present, in whatever way possible at any time for both his parents and made their safety and comfort the first priority for any decision that was required of him. This was his most amicable and loved quality and one that has left harrowing cavities in the now incomplete home in Jhansi. However, it is often said that a man should not be remembered for what he could not accomplish but be cherished for what he was able to. In this regard, although all of my soul wants to echo "Abhi na jao chodh ke, Ki dil abhi bhara nahi", I would rather remember him as the version of him on that one night we spent walking on his terrace, amidst the scent of freshly bloomed Gulmohar trees and the faint street light that bounced of the white walls of the floor, where he quietly hummed, for the both of us, "Chandan hoon main, Apni Khusbhoo Chodh ke chala" from the song Channa Mereya. I wish the khusbhoo of his chandan could be as tangible as the khusbhoo of the Gulmohars that night, but alas, that pleasure is one we'll never be able to share again. Take care, Mamaji. For all the times, from all of us at the Gupta family - We love you. Rest in peace.


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