Passed away on 11-05-2021

Smt. Pratibha Gupta (12.10.1945 - 11.05.2021), could best be described as a candle. A candle of hope, of love, of selflessness, of growth, of courage and of excellence. Smt. Pratibha Gupta, proudly carried the title of a housewife to the home she shared with her husband, Dr. R.C. Gupta and the most caring of mothers to three gems of children - Smt. Mradu Gupta, Smt. Ritu Gupta and Late Mr. Nitesh Chandra Gupta. However, to just summarize all her contributions and her roles under the umbrella of a "housewife" would be a blatant oversimplification and honestly, an insult to the myriad personalities she housed and the immeasureable impact she left on the lives of the people around her. Pratibha Gupta led a life that was supremely dedicated to service. Service that was brought on by the responsibilities that were ordained onto her - starting from her responsibilities as a wife to adopting the selfless nature of a mother and then transitioning onto the most caring of grandmothers to all of her 6 grandchildren. Pratibha Gupta was extremely loved and adored by all members of her family. As she grew older, she deemed on the hat of an extremely wise woman and never shyed away from sharing stories about her life and recounting morals to live by onto the generations that were to follow. Although towards the latter part of her life, she was troubled by the onset of Diabetes, she never once let her disease get the better of her spirit. She always enthusiastically continued exploring her passion for cooking and sharing stories. Her daughters recall long conversations with her on a daily basis, where she wasn't ready to let go off her phone, often repeating similar questions, worded differently, in order to keep the conversation going. She missed everyone around her, yet she never said it out loud. Words, to her, didn't hold as much of an impact as actions. And every single time, people visited her, her actions and embodiment of "Atithi devo Bhava" were testament to the stellar set of morals she held dear to her heart. As Smt. Pratibha Gupta gained knowledge and experience over the years, she found solace in adopting a personality that was so incredibly friendly, a mother who was so incredibly caring, a wife that was so undoubtedly dedicated and a grandmother who was the apple of everyone's eye. Her immediate family deeply mourns the loss of the soul of all of her household. Her slightly shrieky thin voice, the beautiful smile that rested so effortlessly amidst her puffed up cheeks, her slightly lop-sided walk, her bright red saree clad figurine, her constant babyish demands for sugary food, her hour long conversations with all birds, cows and pet animals that walked past the house in the middle of the day, her passion to constantly keep everyone fed and happy to the brim are memories that can never be overwritten, forgotten or replaced. The absolute joy in her eyes and her selfless attitude while taking care of all the members of her family are missed so dearly that the unwavering longing can not possibly be articulated effectly by any words in either Hindi or English. Words fall short. Words definitely fall short. To say her presence is missed is an understatement. To say she was loved immensely is an understatement. To say she left behind carefully placed imprints on the souls of everyone she met is an understatement. All we have is hope. Hope that perhaps, we can find some solace in knowing that her kind, loving soul is now nurturing other individuals. Hope that perhaps God has been gracious to recognize all the efforts and sacrifices she has made and rewarded her for all the moments she placed the well being of others before her own. You're so eternally missed, Naniji. You're so so so so so eternally missed. A lot of this has been unfair but we hope your relocation doesn't affect you looking out over us. You'll always be so sorely missed. You were everything. For all the times, from all of us at Gupta family - We love you. Rest in peace.

Gupta family

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